Parents Day Brunch is a time for connecting with community

It's only been a few short weeks that your student has been away... and hopefully the reports back have been positive. But lots of life-change has happened! Sending your student to IU can be hard for them... and you!

We would love for you to step into your student's adventure September 21 @ 10am for Parents Day Brunch at CSF.

Every Thursday, students who call CSF home come to "Encounter" for worship and teaching. We want you to have a taste of that experience before brunch is served! We'll have a live band, short introductions, and give you names to know and ways to connect with CSF -- then we'll all head downstairs to Terre's kitchen for community. 

Parents Day Brunch -  Saturday, September 21, 10am
Christian Student Fellowship -  1968 N. Jordan Ave.


Step into their adventure

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