“Common Grace for the Common Good: Living Life Vocationally”

We will leave FRIDAY MORNING, Feb. 8 @ 5:30 AM. 
We will return Saturday Evening, Feb. 9 — late!

Location: The Mayo Civic Center, downtown Rochester, MN

“In a time of my life where I constantly hear professors tell me God is not real, it is a relief to go to L’ABRI and hear from some of most educated professors and professionals from around the world explain why God is not only real, but present in our every day lives.”
— Grant “the legend” Gardner
“L’ABRI was a great opportunity to hear wildly creative people talk about how my relationship with the Lord interacts with the arts & how I can use my gifts & talents to worship & further the kingdom of God. you also get to hang out with some pretty cool people.” 
— Hannah Bland
“L’ABRI is an excellent opportunity to get away from the stresses of school for a while and also to learn how to use your skills and talents to further Gods kingdom.”
— Ben Short
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I commit to travel and brain-stretching conversation in the middle of a MN winter, where I'll also eat lots of good food and have fun...