May 4-11, 2019

Be a Blessing and have an experience that will give to the
“least of these” this spring... and be a rolling party along the way.

His Eyes is an organization serving in and around Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Specifically, the mission reaches out to the people in Tegucigalpa through the work of the a Christian Medical Clinic.

The name His Eyes though came about from seeing that we were being called to bring healing spiritually and physically through what we are doing, which although started in medical work, has expanded to Church plants, clothing outreach, scholarships, children's outreach, short term mission groups, and farming ministries.  All of which have a physical component of bringing healing, but all have the common goal of reaching more people for Christ, here in Honduras and especially through our short term mission program, around the world.  

Date Edit: May 4-11

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Contact Information:

Josh Reynolds: josh@csfindiana.org
Sarah Bynum: sbynum@socc.org 


$1600 per person excluding travel food


March 28: $150 down, 1st group meeting

April 25: 2nd group meeting

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