encounter // train in truth


Encounter is our weekly worship gathering. Student-led music, prayer, and reading Scripture together begin the night. Then, we teach through an entire book of the Bible each semester. In 2016-2017, we’ll talk through the gospel of Matthew as a community.  Encounter is open to all students looking for Christian community in Bloomington. Our times of teaching are very unique… We believe that faith is best pursued in conversation. Our space is set up in a horseshoe and students are encouraged to read ahead, ask questions, and share thoughts or reflections from their lives.  It’s an active, energetic time. It is also a space where those who would rather listen than speak, who think deeply and quietly, rather than raise a hand, are welcome to be themselves. Our community is a spectrum of personalities and backgrounds that gathers every Thursday night at 8pm in our Campus House (1968 N. Jordan Avenue, on the corner of North Jordan and Fee Lane).