The CSF Discipleship Program intends to guide young adults through four semesters of conversation and exploration, with the goals of growing a clear and consistent faith, and gaining a theologically informed sense of vocational discernment. Each semester focuses on a particular angle of this goal: Theology, Spiritual Disciplines, Worldview, and Vocation.

This first semester, on Theology, seeks to layout the right first, and right next questions to ask when a person is approaching or examining the Christian faith. Moving through the baseline questions of spirituality, faith, and the nature of truth, students are then introduced to a paradigm for understanding and living the Christian faith through six central topics.

If you want to go ahead and make the commitment, to invest in the CSF Discipleship Program, please complete the signup form below. Please take a minute to consider your commitment, though. CSF uses grant-provided funding to cover the cost of this program, to the tune of several hundred dollars per student. That means space and resources are limited. If you signup for the Discipleship Process, we will graciously ask you to follow through on your commitment intentionally and diligently.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!