who we are

Christian Student Fellowship’s ministry hub is the Campus House, located on IU’s campus on the corner of Fee/N. Jordan. The Campus House is a great place to connect with others and build relationships. It is also the location of Encounter, along with staff offices. Additionally, students may choose to live at the Campus House.

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CSF Core Values

Do Life Together

Whether it is sharing a meal, praying for each other, studying for classes, or just hanging out, we believe to pursue authentic faith you must Do Life Together in community. A unique way our ministry does life together is by providing a housing option. Living in community with others who share your faith in Christ and vision for ministering to campus is a great way to do life together. 

Be a blessing

We acknowledge that we have been blessed with so much and that we have freely received grace and mercy from Jesus Christ. Therefore, we want to freely give and be a blessing to Jesus and others. We desire to serve the local community through service projects, serve globally on mission trips throughout the year, and to live a life of service as we see needs arise around us. We are also committed to blessing others with our giving throughout the world. 


To pursue our faith we must be continually training in truth. As we strive to grow closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, we want to be committed to studying God’s Word, listening to the Holy Spirit through prayer, and living in a way that reflects the transformation taking place in our lives. CSF is committed to training in the Word of God through our weekly worship at Encounter, small group Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship. 


Accountability is essential for growth. We want to be a community where we are authentic and transparent; challenging one another to overcome temptation and sin and bring glory to God. 


The ultimate goal of the Christ followers is not to hide away in a Christian bubble, but to be build up to send out. We engage the culture we find ourselves in with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to build each other up in faith so we can walk into the world telling others of a new lift in Christ.